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Surgery Grand Rounds

USA Continuing Medical Education

Surgery Grand Rounds Videos


02/02/18 Flap Modifications with Ronald Brooks, MD

01/22/18 The Current State of Trauma Care with Sidney Brevard, MD


11/10/17 Colorectal Surgery with John Hunter, III

11/03/17 Development of HPB Surgery in a Rural State with Christopher D. Anderson, MD

10/13/17 Management of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia with Michael Caty, MD

10/06/17 Appropriate Prescribing of Controlled Medications with Steve Bethea, PharmD

09/22/17 Trends in Professional Liability with Thomas Phelps, Jr.

09/15/17 Cerner with Spencer Liles, MD

09/08/17 Twisted Leadership with Craig L. Pearce, PhD

08/25/17 Basic Soft Tissue Surgery with E. Gaylon McCollough, MD, FACS

06/02/17 Pediatric Trauma with Justin Sobrino

05/19/17 Surgical Critical Care with Scott Blair, MD

04/21/17 Robotic Surgery with Gregory Guatrino, MD

03/24/17 Diagnoses and Management of Aortic Aneurysm Disease with Melanie Rose, MD

03/03/17 Preoperative Staging of Rectal Cancer with Lee Grimm, MD

02/24/17 Lessons Learned from the Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network with Eileen Bulger, MD

02/17/17 Update in Achalasia and ECJOO with William Richards, MD

02/10/17 Infections in the ICU, Systems Biology, and Alces alces with Robert G. Sawyer, MD

02/03/17 Preventing Complications After Burn Injury with Steven Kahn, MD


12/09/16 Updates in Sepsis with Larry Lee, MD

12/02/16 Advances in IBS 2016 with Brooks D. Cash, MD

11/04/16 Medullary Thyroid Cancer: Surgical and Molecular Targeted Therapies with Herbert Chen, MD, FACS

10/14/16 Calcium Signal Patterning in Endothelial Function and Dysfunction with Mark S. Taylor, PhD

09/23/16 Familial Cancer Syndromes with Jessa R. Blount, MD

09/02/16 Learning Styles with Brenda Litchfield, PhD

08/26/16 Basic Soft Tissue Surgery with E. Gaylon McCollough, MD, FACS

06/03/16 Evaluation & Management of Agitation & Delirium with Kaitlin McGinn, PharmD

05/20/16 CAP: Concussion Awareness Program with Anthony Martino, MD

05/13/16 What is a High Reliability Organization? with Clara Massey, MD

05/06/16 Pulmonary Embolism with Scott Blair, DO

04/29/16 Bariatric Surgery with Barry D. Ballard, MD

04/15/16 A Practical Approach to Enterocutaneous Fistula with Paul Rider, MD

03/11/16 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction with Luke Fife, MD

03/04/16 Close Encounters in Gyn Oncology for the General Surgeon with Jennifer Scalici, MD

02/12/16 Gastroenterologist Approach to Barrett’s Esophagus with Brooks D. Cash, MD

01/22/16 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Revisited: Rationale, Requirements, and the Road Ahead with Mark Taylor, MD

01/15/16 Moral Imperatives in Medical Care with John Patrick, MD


12/18/15 Common Anorectal Pathology with Martin Krecker, MD

12/04/15 Surgical Education: Past, Present & Future with Jeremy M. Drake, MD

11/06/15 Emotional Intelligence for Surgeons with James W. Fleshman, MD

10/16/15 Professional Behavior with William H. Barber, IV, MD

10/02/15 Sepsis and Shock with Edward A. Panacek, MD

09/25/15 Heroes in American Surgery: Stanley J. Dudrick, MD – Father of Intravenous Feeding with Charles Rodning, MD

09/18/15 End of Life Decisions with Jean Tucker, JD

09/11/15 Deep Sternal Wound Infection with Terry Stelly, MD

09/04/15 Tracheostomy with Frederick Silver, MD

08/28/15 Basic Soft Tissue Surgery with Gaylon McCollough, MD and Fred G. Fedok, MD

08/21/15 Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation for G.E.R.D. with Brooks Cash MD & William O. Richards MD

06/12/15  Global Surgery with Kristin D. Hummel, DO

04/24/15 Pediatric Trauma -not merely small adults with Katrina Weaver, MD

03/27/15  Enhanced Recovery After Surgery with Paul Rider, MD

03/13/15  Ventral Body Wall Defects with James Glasser, MD

03/06/15  Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery with Lee Grimm, Jr

02/27/15  Ailing, Aging, and Addictive Compromised Leadership with Bert E. Park, MD

02/20/15 State of the Hospital with Beth Anderson, Hospital Administrator

02/13/15  Spirituality in the Patient – Physician Relationship with Dan Taylor, PhD

01/16/15  Vertebral Arterial Injury with William W. Scott, MD

01/23/15  Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasms with Marcus Tan, MD


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