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Medicine Grand Rounds

USA Continuing Medical Education

Medicine Grand Rounds Videos


12/15/17 Cholesterol and Heart Disease with Daniel Freno, MD

12/07/17 Physician Contracts with Tina Richards

11/30/17 The Social Determinates of Health: A Focus on Poverty with Errol Crook, MD

11/16/17 Understanding IPF as Part of the Overall Scope of ILD with Tracy Luckhardt, MD

11/09/17 Complications of Cirrhosis with Jorge Herrera, MD

10/26/17 Managing Chronic Hyperkalemia: Solving the Puzzle with Biff Palmer, MD

10/19/17 Implicit Biases on Clinical Care & Health Disparities with Edward J. Callhan, PhD

10/12/17 Sickle Cell Disease and the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain with Mary Hulihan, PhD

10/05/17 Practice Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2017 with Bret Lashner, MD

09/28/17 Opioid Pharmacology & Pharmacogenomics in the Treatment of Adults with Sickle Cell Disease with Jai N. Patel, PharmD

09/14/17 Bariatric Surgery with William Richards, MD

09/07/17 Pancreatic Cysts: Diagnosis and Management with Meir Mizrahi, MD

05/18/17 Pulmonologists as the Gatekeepers of Precision Medicine: How Much is Enough Tissue? with Michael Machuzach, MD

04/06/17 Breakthrough in IPF Management: The Next Steps in Individualizing Treatment with Joseph Lasky, MD

03/09/17 Gene Therapy: Problems and Progress with Brian Fouty, MD

03/02/17 COPD with John Schultz, MD

02/23/17 Leading Within and Across Medical Teams with Craig Pearce, PhD

02/16/17 Urinary Tract Obstruction with Sabrina G. Bessette, MD

01/05/17 Burnout in Healthcare and Mindfulness Tools with Terri Babineau, MD


11/10/16 Pulmonary Hypertension with Karen A. Fagan, MD

10/27/16 Potpourri of Perioperative Care with Richard Teplick, MD

10/13/16 Zika Virus Infection: A Public Health Emergency of International Concern with Eduardo Caleron, MD

10/06/16 Influenza with Schultz, MD

09/29/16 Food-The Main Course to GI Wellness and Disease with William Chey, MD

09/20/16 New Therapeutic Agents in the treatment of Hyperkalemia with Biff Palmer, MD

06/16/16 Advance Care Planning: Just Do It! with Monica Williams-Murphy, MD

06/09/16 The Liver is a Mystery to Many with Jorge Herrera, MD

05/19/16 Depression and Anxiety with J. Luke Engeriser, MD

05/05/16 What is a High Reliability Organization? with Clara Massey, MD

04/28/16 Communicating with Diverse Populations with Jamie Fraco-Zamudio, PhD

04/14/16 Developing the Cancer Treatments of the Future with Anne F. Schott, MD

03/24/16 Choosing a Career Trajectory in Medicine: Lessons from my 46 Year Experience with Richard Teplick, MD

03/17/16 The Value of Using Both Biological and Clinical Measurements in ARDS with Michael Matthay, MD

03/04/16 Early Detection and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer with Robert E. Schoen, MD

01/21/16 Anaphylaxis with Druhan Howell, MD

01/14/16 Building a Culture of Safety, High Reliability & Continuous Learning with Michael Leonard, MD


12/03/15 Learning Styles with Brenda Litchfield, PhD

11/19/15 From Sisyphus to the Phoenix: Burn Out and Resiliency in Physicians with T. J. Hundley, MD, FACP

11/12/15  Hyperglycemic Crises with Wilburn Bolton, MD

10/29/15 Understanding and Managing the Patient with Chronic and Severe Abdominal Pain with Douglas A. Drossman, MD

10/22/15 Hijacking the Brain: Understanding Addiction with Ronald D. Franks, MD and Eric Hedberg, MD

10/15/15 Update on Type 1 Diabetes with Anne-Marie Kaulfers, MD

10/08/15 Sepsis 2015 with Edward A. Panacek, MD

09/17/15 Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation: a New Paradigm with Bassam Omar, MD, PhD

05/21/15 Approach to the Asymptomatic Patient with Abnormal Liver Enzymes with Jorge L. Herrera, MD

05/14/15 Wounds – Assessment and Management with Salil Gulati, MD

04/28/15 Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, Part 2 with Andrew Manley, MD

04/23/15  How Low Can You Go? New Blood Pressure Guidelines from the Eighth Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure with Stephen L. Farrow, MD, MBA-AEC

04/16/15  Opthamology Basics and Ocular Emergencies for the Primary care Physician with Robert Levy, MD

04/09/15  Hepatorenal Syndrome with Sabrina Bessette, MD and Michael Phillips, MD

03/26/15  Data, Data, Lists and Still More Data: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff with Richard Teplick, MD

01/08/15  Left Main Dilemma PCS vs CABG in 2015  with Ghazanfa H. Qureshi, MD & G. Mustafa Awan, MD

01/22/15  Risks and Benefits of Blood Transfusions in Critical Illness with Brian Fouty, MD

02/03/15  2015 ADA Standards of Care for Diabetes with Wilburn Bolton, III

02/12/15  Addressing Diversity in Clinical Care with Lisa Moreno-Walton, MD, MS, MSCR, FACEP, FAAEM

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