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Psychiatry Grand Rounds

USA Continuing Medical Education

Psychiatry Grand Rounds Videos



04/14/16 Marijuana Policy: Winds of Change or Storm Clouds Gathering with Mike Shehi, MD

02/11/16 Enuresis with Clint Moore, MD

01/14/16 Learning Styles with Brenda Litchfield, PhD


05/14/15  From Sisyphus to the Phoenix: Burn Out and Resiliency in Physicians with T. J. Hundley, MD, FACP


02/28/13  Managing the Psychosomatic Patient with Ronald D. Franks, MD

03/28/13  A Cognitive-Behavior Approach to Treating Panic Disorder with Michael S. Rosenbaum, PhD

04/25/13  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Neurobiology and Treatment Update with Lalit K. Singh, MD

08/14/14  School Shootings with Edgar W. Finn, MD

09/11/14  Psychiatric Pharmacogenomics with Raymond Lorenz, PharmD

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