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Pediatric Grand Rounds

USA Continuing Medical Education

Pediatric Grand Rounds

10/20/17 Migraine Variants / Episodic Syndromes with Ivan Lopex, MD

09/15/17  Children with Complexity “STAR Kids” with Fred A. McCurdy, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAP, FAAPL

07/21/17 Dr. Lynn Batten Pediatric Cardiologist vs. Dr. Daniel Preud’homme Adolescent Medicine

06/16/17 The Many Feces of Clostridium Difficile with Mitchell Cohen, MD

05/19/17 Pediatric Stroke with Steve Cordina, MD

02/17/17 Pediatric Biliary Surgical Considerations with Charles Hartin, MD

12/16/16 Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Are we making any progress? with Robvert C. Welliver, Sr., MD

11/18/16 Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates: Suggestions for a way Foward with Paul M. Darden, MD

10/21/16 Melioidosis Clinical Aspects – Treatment and Prevention with Brett, MD

09/16/16 Zika Virus with Benjamin Estrada, MD

08/19/16 Bone Marrow Failure in Children: Diagnostic Dilemmas and Novel Therapies with Fred Goldman, MD

07/15/16 Between Metformin and Insulin, what else is there for the management of type 2 Diabetes in Adolescent and Young Adults with Daniel Preud’Homme, MD, CNS, FAAP

05/20/16 Gene Therapy for Hemophilia with Spencer Sullivan, MD

02/19/16 Minimal Invasive Left and Right Axillary Thoracotomy for Epicardial Pacing and Transatrial Repair of Congenital Heart Defects: more than just a cosmetic sales pitch with Ali Dodge- Khatami, MD, PhD

01/15/16 Building a Culture of Safety and Highly Reliable Care with Michael Leonard, MD

12/18/15 An Update on Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis for the Primary Care Pediatrician with Melissa Mannion, MD, MSPH

11/20/15 Antibiotics for Appendicitis with Celeste Hollands, MD, FACS, FAAP

10/16/15 Stem Cell Transplantation: A Cure for Sickle Cell Disease with Felicia Little Wilson, MD

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