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Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds

USA Continuing Medical Education

Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds Videos



01/12/18 The High-Risk Physician: Medical Association of the State of Alabama – Alabama Physician Health Program with James Alford, MD


Problems High 11/17/17 Teaching Essentials with Gilbert, MD

11/10/17 Controversial and Less Common Vaginitides with Stephen Varner, MD

11/03/17 Updates on Cervical Cancer Screening, Managing of Abnormal Pap Tests and Colposcopy with Lisa Beth Spiryda, MD, PhD

10/27/17 Normal and Abnormal Female Puberty with Amy Boone, MD

10/13/17 Teaching Skills and Strategies: Deep Learning with Tim Gilbert, PhD

09/15/17 Ovulation Induction for PCOS with Botros Rizk, MD, MA, FRCOG, FACOG, HCLD, FRCS, FACS(C)

09/08/17 Teaching Skills and Strategies: Learning Styles Part 1 with Timothy Gilbert, PhD

09/01/17 Opioid Use after Vaginal Delivery with Megan Missanelli, MD, MPH

with06/06/17 Strategies for Fertility Reservations in Women of Reproductive Age with Botros Rizk, MD

05/19/17 Induction of Labor after Cesarean Delivery with Amy Hewes, MD

05/12/17 Pelvic Congestion Syndrome with Osama Abdula-Rahim, MD and Stephen Varner, MD

03/31/17 Vaginal Rejuvenation: Clem Clam’s Guide to Beautiful Clams with Elise Clem, MD

03/24/17 Innovation and Magic Update from the 2017 CREOG APGO Annual Meeting with Craig Sherman, MD

03/10/17 Endometriosis with Melisa Edler, MD

02/17/17 Diagnosis and Management of the Morbidly Adherent Placenta with Julie Jeansonne, MD

02/10/17 A Generalist’s Approach to the Birth Plan Patient with Nicolette Holliday, MD

02/03/17 The Male Circumcision: Are we making the cut? with Amy Boone, MD

01/13/17 Ovulation Induction in PCOS with Botros Rizk, MD

01/16/16 Burnout; Mindfulness and Narrative Medicine with Terri Babineau, MD, FAAFP


12/09/16 Key Updates in UME Faculty and Resident Development with Christen Altermatt, MD and Nicolette Holliday, MD

12/02/16 Strategies to Overcome Racial Disparities in Gynecologic Oncology with Rodney Rocconi, MD

11/18/16 HPV Vaccination 2016: A decade of prevention or untapped potention? with Jennifer Scalici, MD

11/04/16 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Casey Calhoun, MD

10/28/16 Emergency Response with Jason M. Richardson, MD

10/21/16 Mullerian Anomalies with Jenna Wildman

10/14/16 Pubertal Disorders in Girls with Katherine Grett, MD

09/30/16 HIV Infection During Pregnancy: What the Generalist Obstetrician Should Know with Luis M. Gomez, MD

09/23/16 Management of Common Breastfeeding Situations with Emily Stromquist, MD

09/09/16 Evaluation of the Infertile Female with Botros Rizk, MD

09/02/16 Zika Virus with Leonardo A. Longoria K, MD

08/26/16 What’s Trending In Gyn Oncology: An Update on Current Practice with Nathaniel L. Jones, MD

05/27/16 Perioperative Complications in GYN Surgery with C. Eric McCathran, MD

05/20/16 Burning Mouth Syndrome: Fact or Fiction – We Present, You Decide!! with G. Gary Brooks, MD and Linda D. Brooks, MSN, RN

05/06/16 Compassion Fatigue with Casey Armistead, RN

04/29/16 Applied Learning Theory with Craig Sherman, MD

04/08/16 Osteoporosis with Jenna Wildman, MD

04/01/16 Human Papillomavirus & The HPV Vaccination with Laura Matlock, DO

03/25/16 Hypertension in Pregnancy with Stephen T. F. Varner, MD

03/11/16 Hidradentitis Suppurativa with Julie Jeansonne, MD

03/04/16 Healthcare for Transgender Individuals with Megan Missanelli, MD

02/19/16 Breast Cancer: A CREOG’s Best Friend with William Stroud, MD

02/12/16 Reducing Primary Sections: This Must Happen with David F. Lewis, MD

02/05/16 SBAR with Nicolette Holliday, MD

01/29/16 Ultrasound in Gynecology with Botros Rizk, MD

01/15/16 Building a Culture of Safety and Highly Reliable Care with Michael Leonard, MD


12/04/15 Venous Thromboembolism in Pregnancy with Casey Calhoun

11/13/15 Delayed Cord Clamping with David F. Lewis, MD

10/30/15 Resident Research- Overview: The “nuts and bolts” with Michael Finan, MD

10/16/15 Sexual Dysfunction with Emily Womack, MD

09/03/15 ICD-10-CM Training in Ob/Gyn with

08/28/15 Opioid Dependence in Pregnancy with Susan L. Baker, MD

05/29/15  Dermoid Tumors with Shimeka Banks, MD

05/22/15 Trauma in Pregnancy with Julie Radcliffe, MD

04/10/15  Trichomonas Vaginalis with Jacob Lassiter, MD

04/03/15  Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology OBGYN with Katelyn Braswell, MD

03/20/15  Pre-Term Labor with Will Stroud, PGY III

03/06/15 Bacterial Vaginosis and Diet with Emily Stromquist, MD

02/27/15 Complications of Ovarian Stimulation with Botros Rizk, MD, MA, FRCOG, FACOG, HCLD, FRCS, FACS(C)

02/13/15  Update on Chlamydia and Gonorrhea with William M. Geisler, MD

02/20/15  HIV and Pregnancy: Preventing mother to child HIV Transmission with Jodie Dionne-Odom, MD

02/06/15  Surgical Options for Endometriois and Infertility with Botros Rizk, MD

01/09/15  Using Doppler in Obstetrics with David Lewis, MD

01/16/15  Contracepation with John C. LaFleur, MD

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