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Neuroscience Symposium

USA Continuing Medical Education

2016 Conference Slides

Cannabis, Electricity and Other Curious Treatments for Epilepsy with Dean K. Naritoku, M.D.

Stroke code: What is the state of the art management for acute stroke? Joni M. Clark, M.D.

Can we prevent cerebral palsy? with Elias G. Chalhub, M.D.

Evaluating generalized weakness in the ICU with Bassam A. Bassam, M.D.

Choosing antiepileptic drug therapies with Dean K. Naritoku, M.D.

New MS therapies: improving benefit to risk with Elizabeth H. Minto, M.D.

Preventing the next stroke with Joni M. Clark, M.D.

When is memory loss significant? with David J. Williamson, Ph.D.

Autoimmune encephalitis: A treatable but overlooked diagnosis with Khurram Bashir, M.D.

SSPE and neurologic complications of measles: The returning storm with Paul Maertens, M.D.

Identifying common movement disorders (video workshop) with Daniel D. Dees, M.D.


Botulinum treatment of spasticity and dystonia (video review and demonstration) with Daniel D. Dees, M.D.


2015 Conference Videos

Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIg) Therapy; Neurological Indications, Contraindications, Precautions, and Complications with Bassam Bassam, MD

Acute Ischemic Stroke: When are Patients Eligible for Neurointervention with Steve Cordina, MD

Alzheimer’s Disease Pathophysiology and Current Concepts with James J. Lah, MD, PhD

Oral Treatments for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis with Elizabeth Minto, MD

Treatment of Uncontrolled Epilepsy with Juan Ochoa, MD

Marijuana & Epilepsy: Seeing data through the Haze with Dean Naritoku, MD

Who Needs a Neuropsychologist Anyway? with Melissa Ogden, PhD


2014 Conference Videos

When is the appropriate time for neurocognitive testing? with Melissa Ogden, PhD

Marijuana and Epilepsy with Dean Naritoku, MD

What is the role of neurosurgical intervention in the treatment of Epilepsy? with Juan Ochoa, MD

When should newer PO Multiple Sclerosis medicine be considered in the MS treatment paradigm with Elizabeth Minto, MD

Alzheimer’s Disease Pathophysiology and Current Concepts with James J. Lah, MD, PhD

When is a patient eligible for intravascular neurointervention? with Steve Cordina, MD

What is the appropriate patient to refer for infusion treatment of neuromuscular disorders? with Bassam Bassam, MD

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