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Neurology Grand Rounds

USA Continuing Medical Education

Neurology Grand Rounds Videos


01/09/18 TIA with Steve Cordina, MD


12/19/17 X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy with Paul Maertens, MD

11/21/17 Pinpointing the Progression of Multiple Sclerosis: Differentiation, Evaluation, and Treatment Updates with John Rinker, MD

11/07/17 Neurology and Pregnancy with Robert Wildman, MD

10/24/17 Diet and Headache with Lopez, MD

10/17/17 Functional Metabolic Interactions of Neuron-Astrocyte with Olivier Darbin, PhD

09/26/17 Antiepileptic Drug Efficacy with Dean Naritoku, MD

09/19/17 Patient Safety Community Team Based Learning (TBL) Module with Mary Elizabeth Leffard, MSN, RN, CPHQ, Sharon Ezelle, MSN, RN, CPHQ, and Susan Catrair, BSN, RN

09/12/17 Differential Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis with Elizabeth Minto, MD

08/08/17 Endovascular therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Evolution and Recommendations with Mohammad El-Ghanem, MD

05/09/17 Case Presentations: CNS Infections with Bassam Bassam, MD

05/02/17 Contemporary Stroke Imaging with Markus Lammle, MD

04/25/17 Case Reports: Vertebral Arterio-Venous Fistual with Daniel Ro, MD

04/11/17 Fungal Infections in the Central Nervous System with Wen Chen, MD

04/04/17 Child Neurology Case Studies with Paul Maertens, MD

03/31/17 Introduction to Neuroradiology with Markus Lammle, MD

03/14/17 The Basis and Rationale for Using Non-Linear Signal Analysis for Brain Function with Olivier Darbin, PhD

02/21/17 From Epileptic Neurons to Epileptic Networks with Juan G. Ochoa, MD


12/13/16 Psychogenetic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNS) with Melissa Ogden, PhD

11/22/16 New Treatments of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy with Paul Maertens, MD

11/15/16 Neuroanatomy to Neuropsychiatric Deficits with James Rini, MD, MPH

11/01/16 Muscle Cramps and Hyperactivity Syndromes with Bassam A. Bassam, MD

10/25/16 Function of the Thalamus and Dysfunction in Psychosis with Robert Wildman, MD

10/18/16 Two Sisters with Weakness with Del Santo, MD

09/13/16 Differential Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis & Diagnostic Challenges with Derrick Robertson, MD

09/06/16 From Sisyphus to the Phoenix: Burn Out & Resiliency in Physicians with T J Hundley, MD

06/14/16 Parkinsons Disease: Autonomic Features with Safwan Jaradeh, MD

4/19/16 Menkes Trichopoliodystrophy with Paul Maertens, MD

03/08/16 Headache: A Look at Current and Upcoming Treatments with Robert Wildman, MD

03/01/16 Genetics of Epilepsy with Dean Naritoku, MD

02/02/06 The World of Neurology: Fundamentals of Clinical Neurology with Jeffrey M. Jones, MD, FAAN

01/26/16 Stroke Transfer Process with Tiffany Griffin, MSN, RN

01/12/16 Novel Strategies for Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with Diane C. Hengartner


11/17/15 Boderlands of Neurology with Psychiatry with David Ko, MD

11/10/15 Hijacking the Brain: Understanding Addiction with Ronald D. Franks, MD

11/03/15 Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy with Elizabeth Minto, MD

10/13/15 Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias 2015 with Daniel C. Potts, MD, FAAN

10/06/15 Benzodiazepines for the Treatment of Seizures with William A. Kilgo, MD

09/15/15 Neuroimaging Introduction with Oganes Ashikyan, MD

09/08/15 Modern Application of Antiepileptic Drug Therapy with Dean Naritoku, MD

05/26/15  Hypoxic Ischemia Encephalopathy with Elias Chalhub, MD

05/12/15 Electrophysiological hallmarks for dystonia with Olivier Darbin, MD

04/21/15  Sports Neurology with William A. Kilgo, MD

04/14/15  Navigating the Financial Side of Medicine with Tim Heath

03/10/15  Eslicarbazepine, Perampanel & Ezogabine with Dean K. Naritoku, MD

02/24/15  What is Neuro Rehab? with Ramy El Khoury, MD

01/20/15  Oral Treatments for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis with Elizabeth Minto, MD

02/10/15  Vascular Surgery for the Neurologist with Glenn E. Esses, MD

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