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USA Continuing Medical Education

University of South Alabama

Office of Continuing Medical Education Mission Statement

The University of South Alabama Continuing Medical Education department shall provide educational programs designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and clinical competence of physicians in order to improve the quality of health care provided for the citizens of Alabama and surrounding communities.

The purposes of the Continuing Medical Education program are:

To enhance the level of patient care and improve patient outcomes in the State of Alabama and other regional areas through educational activities;

To provide information and opportunities which allow physicians to broaden their knowledge base and further develop skills which are in keeping with the latest developments in both technology and scientific advancements of medicine; and

To offer a variety of educational activities that meet the needs of the physicians at USA and in the surrounding communities.

The content areas of the CME activity shall include the provision of educational programs for all medical specialties at the University of South Alabama Hospitals and Clinics, other affiliated hospitals, and rural area physicians in their local environment.  Content of events shall be determined by annual departmental surveys and recommendations of CME committee members based on epidemiological data.  Content will be evaluated for the presence of bias or conflict of interests, to minimize or eliminate them.  Evidence and practice based needs will be emphasized and promoted to departmental CME coordinators.   Other Special activities that meet the specific needs of the physicians may include regional, national, or international educational issues with significance to medical innovations or health care delivery.  CME Is focused on improving patient outcomes, physician competence, and performance through practice based educational activities. All activities will be conducted in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

The target audience for the CME sponsored activities should include members of the University of South Alabama medical staff, primary care and specialty physicians in all geographic regions in south Alabama, western Florida, and southern Mississippi.  Nurses and allied health professionals will participate when appropriate.

The CME activities may include didactic lectures, enduring materials, grand rounds, patient care reviews, journal clubs, and specialty seminars supported regularly by the University of South Alabama Continuing Medical Education.  An aggressive outreach activity, which will afford continuing medical education opportunities to rural physicians, will also be offered, including videoconferencing and a CME video library on the CME website. Special round table discussions or seminars and electronic educational activities which are related to the specific needs of the physicians in the region are offered along with national or international activities that are designed to meet the needs for the specific physician groups.  The expected results of these programs are an increased level of knowledge and modification of physician behavior or practice with regard to the topic(s) under study, and thereby improved provision of health care to the population served.  Results shall be assessed in terms of changes in physician overall competence, performance and/or improved patient outcomes.

In order to achieve these stated goals, an appropriate, competent staff directed by the Associate Dean, Student Affairs, will support the CME function of the University of South Alabama.  The Office of CME will serve as the central administrative unit for continuing medical education and will coordinate all activities to assure adherence to the ACCME Essential Areas and Policies.  The mission of the USA College of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education shall coincide with the overall goal of the USA College of Medicine, which is to educate outstanding physicians who possess humanitarian attitudes, critical thinking, and technical skills.

Approved by the CME Committee on the 18th day of March, 2009.

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