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Advisory Board

USA Continuing Medical Education

CME Advisory Board

The purpose of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Advisory Board is to provide insight and guidance on the strategic direction of USA’s Office of CME. Members serve as representatives and liaisons for their departments, advocates for CME and final arbiters in disputes on regulatory requirements.

Members include physicians and allied health professionals involved in CME and leadership from compliance, hospital and health-system units. Members serve a two-year term, allowing new faces and new ideas to contribute to the board. The board meets quarterly for approximately 1 hour.

Meeting Schedule

USA Medical Center         2nd Floor Board Room      12:00 p.m.     Wednesday

March 4, 2015  *  June 3, 2015   *   September 2, 2015   *   December 2, 2015

March 2, 2016   *   June 1, 2016   *   September 7, 2016   *   December 7, 2016

CME Committee / Advisory Board Members:

Elliott Carter, MD, Chair CME Advisory Committee

Carole Boudreaux, MD, Co-Chair CME Advisory Committee


Elliot Carter, MD (2017)
USA Medical Center, Department of Pathology

Omar Bassam, MD, PhD (2016)
USA Medical Center, IM Cardiology

Luke Engeriser, MD (2016)
AltaPointe Health Systems / Psychiatry

Karen Fagan, MD (2016)
USA Medical Center, IM Pulmonary Medicine

Cassie Roote, RN (2016)
USA Risk Management Specialist

Daniel Dees, MD (2017)
USA Medical Center, Department of Neurology

Jo Ann Ezelle (2017)
Veterans Affairs, Biloxi

Sheryl Falkos, MD (2017)
USA Children & Women’s Hospital, Department of Pediatrics

Leander Grimm, MD (2017)
USA Medical Center, Department of Surgery

Elizabeth Manci, MD (2017)
USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, Department of Pathology

Brandy Merritt, MD (2017)
USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, Department of Pediatrics

Wendy Bedsole (2018)
Mobile Medical Society

Carole Boudreax, MD (2018)
USA Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education

Sabrina Bessette, MD (2018)
USA Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine

Judith Burnham, Patient (2018)

Tommy Carlisle, Patient (2018)

Clista Clanton, MSLS (2018)
USA Biomedical Library

Susan Catrair, RN (2018)
USA Medical Center, Quality Management

Christopher Jett, Hospital Administrator (2018)
USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital

Samuel McQuiston, MD (2018)
USA Medical Center, Director of GME (Department of Radiology)

Alana Schilthuis, MD (2018)
USA Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine

Sharon Ezelle, RN
USA Medical Center, Director, Quality Assurance

Anna Leckenby
USA Medical Center, Patient Advocate

Donna Copeland, RTN
USA Children & Women’s In-Service Specialist (guest)

Cassie Roote, RN
Risk Management

Sharrie Cranford, LGSW, CMEP
USA College of Medicine, Director of CME

Yolanda Mack
USA College of Medicine

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